Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playoff Magic

As we polish off the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers, and head back from our Thanksgiving traditions, I thought it might be a good time to examine where did some of our playoff tradition come from. Like, for example, that glowing blond hair. And the black playoff pants. They've just seemingly always been around. But they had to start somewhere. So pull up a chair, because here is a tradition refresher course so that you will be ready before we write the next chapter in our playoff lore.

It was the fall of 2001, Todd Dodge was a second year Carroll coach and the spread offense wasn't yet a part of the nation's venacular. A Carroll team had just relinqushed a 17-0 half-time lead to Boswell to cost a share of a football district championship. And was 6-4 and looking for some magic. All that years seniors knew was they were not shaving their heads as had been previously done. ( I have photos of the old tradition of shaving heads.....I'll take bleached anytime over shaved.)
So varies ideas were tossed about. Mohawks - too ugly. Green hair for everyone gained some serious traction but was eventually discarded as too grung. So...the hair part stuck. But the day-glow blond look won the day. Now if this Carroll team had gone down in the first round of the playoffs to Wichita Falls, nobody would be discussing this some 10 years later, but a 35-20 win over Old High set up a match up with the State's 6th ranked Ft. Worth Dunbar at  Birdville Stadium. Clinging to a 1 point lead late in the 4th quarter, every green clad pair of eyes watched as Dunbar's sophomore kicker prepared to hit a 25 yard chipie with a 25 MPH wind. The snap was perfect, the hold was good. The kick was straight down the middle and then as if blinded by all that blond starts to drift to the left. Missing by a quarter of an inch, no good, Carroll winds 20-19 and something is working. The 2001 Carroll team would go on to the State semi-finals.  For some unknown reason, the next year's group decided to continue. All that team did was go 16-0, moving up a classification and winning a state champhionship. Bingo, the blond hair is permanetly entrenched.

There has been much discussion and there will be much written about the stadium selection for this week's game vs. Trinity.  I've even had questions on why we don't move the game to a bigger venue.  It's not that simple.   Birdville was mutually agreed on ahead of time by Trinity and us some time ago.  We work weeks in advance reserving stadiums and planning games.
For round 3, Cowboys Stadium was not available. SMU and UNT were not options. UTA, Mansfield, and Birdville all seat about the same. The Cotton Bowl and TCU are grass fields and most high school coaches do not like to play on grass this time of year.

With that being said, if we can mutually agree with the other team we will always choose the venue and kickoff time that gives our team the best opportunity to succeed. If we cannot mutually agree, we will flip a coin to try to get what we feel is the best case scenario.  These decisions are not taken lightly as we are trying to be in the best possible situation for success.  However, the Team will always come first. Fan seating, parking, pressbox, media accomodations, and other stadium details are always next on the list behind what our coaching staff and I believe is the best for our team to win. There is a very well thought out collaborative effort among our staff and I to what we want to do each week.   We go though many different scenarios each playoff week and it is part of our process. 

Thus, I encourage all Dragons to come early this week to get your game tickets, tailgate at Birdville's stadium, and be as loud as possible to support our Dragons.  The last time I checked Birdville's field is still 100 yards long and we have a pretty good record at their stadium :-)

Tickets Information:

Playoff Game vs. Trinity

 @ Birdville ISD’s Fine Arts and Athletic Complex
Saturday, 12/1/12
6:00pm Kickoff

Carroll Sr. HS, Carroll HS, Dragon Stadium Athletic Office

Tuesday, 11/27/12, 8:00am-3:30pm

Wednesday, 11/28/12, 8:00am-3:30pm

Thursday, 11/29/12, 8:00am-3:30pm

Friday, 11/30/12, 8:00am-12:00pm

Pre-game General Admission, Adult- $8.00

Pre-game General Admission, Student- $6.00 (1 year old-12th grade)

Tickets below will go on sale at 4:00pm Game Day at Birdville ISD’s stadium

·       All Game-night General Admission- $10.00 

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